Media release Sound Art – 21 May 2008 – Overview


Sound Travellers is on the road! Australia’s most innovative emerging and accomplished sound artists are taking sonic explorations cross-country. Ghosts of 29 Megacycles and Adam Trainer, Tom Hall, ii and roaming festivals Liquid Architecture 9 and Room 40’s Open Road Project are set to tour the nation.

Sound Travellers is a new project supported by the Australia Council’s Music Board to assist individual artists and small to medium organisations with the promotion and national touring of Sound Art and Electronic, improvised jazz and contemporary classical music.

“….this is a fantastic initiative for both musicians and audiences. It is an opportunity to inspire, with the diversity and quality of music being produced all around Australia, to connect like minded people” Joanne Kee, Director, Sound Travellers

Ghosts of 29 Megacycles – Adam Trainer (touring June). Solo experimental musicians Greg Taw and Adam Trainer play loosely composed musical scores mixed and sequenced visual film loops, experimenting with musical elements such as organ, guitar, strings, vocal drones, bass and percussion.

Tom Hall (touring July) Tom Hall’s tour of Sight Beyond is an extension of his studio practices and research into live instrument processing and the resynthesis of found sound and imagery, resulting in a viscerally provoking live performance that incorporates input from performer and audience, striving to blur the boundaries between artist and viewer.

ii (touring July/August). Long time Melbourne collaborators Alex Nosek and Jon Tjhia make up ii, an improvisationcentric duo trading in ambient pop, secret noises and hidden melodies.

Liquid Architecture 9 (touring July). In its 9th consecutive year, Liquid Architecture is Australia’s premier sound-arts festival. Centred around a series of performance events, the festival will showcase contemporary and experimental music by Australian artists alongside key international figures.

Open Frame – Open Road (touring October). The Open Road Project is a touring programme that will take annual Brisbane festival Open Frame to locations around Australia. Open Frame focuses on the intersections of sound, music, media and discrete listening showcasing a selection of Room 40 Australian artists and visiting international artists.

For media content, interviews or if you would to review a show in your city; please contact Amy Curl on details below.
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Sound Travellers is supported by the Australia Council, the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body, Performing Lines and Ceres Solutions.


Media release – General – Sound Travellers, 20 May 2008

Media release 20 May 2008

Musical points of departure, arrival and the space between

The first tours for Sound Travellers, a national touring project for sound art/electronica, improvised jazz and contemporary classical music are about to commence, headed for every State and Territory over the next six months.

We are launching a National media campaign in association with each individual tour having its own media/marketing campaign.

The Ghost Of 29 Megacycles/ Adam Trainer, Greg Taw
Alex Masso and Peter Farrar
Ensemble Offspring, Waiting to turn into Puzzles

Mace Francis Big Band Tour

Metalog – Jim Denley, Amanda Stewart, Ben Byrne, Natasha Anderson, Robbie Avenaim, Dale Gorfinkel
Liquid Architecture – Festival of Sound Arts

Tom Hall, Sight Beyond
Jon Tjhii and Alex Novak

September – November
Colin Offord, solo performance
Misinterprotato, Variations tour – jazz trio
Open Frame Tour, from Lawrence English Room 40
Ihos Music Theatre and Opera – Prayer Bells
Way Out West, Old Grooves for New Streets Tour.

Sound Travellers is supported by the Australia Council, the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body and aims to support individuals and small to medium sized organizations touring new music. The artists that will be touring through the second half of the year will visit every State and will be travelling the length and breadth of the country, plus many of the places in between. A total of 13 tours, over 60 artists and more than a few road trips and flights with over 50,000 kilometres to be travelled, Sound Travellers are helping these musical journeys come to a place near you

We are working with the following publicists, so you may receive more than one email about different tours. Please be patient, it’s all good information.

Clare McGregor – Jazz 0418 192 524 email
Amy Curl – sound art/electronic 0420 960310 email
Susie Cairns – new music 0418 635 684 email

More information is available on
All other queries please contact

Sound Travellers

Welcome to Sound Travellers.

Ceres Solutions and Performing Lines have joined forces to announce the New Music Touring Project – Sound Travellers – a two year project to facilitate and promote the national touring of sound art/electronica, improvised jazz and contemporary classical music. Initial seed money is being provided by the Australia Council.

This project is being managed as a partnership between established touring organisation Performing Lines and arts strategy company Ceres Solutions, with director Joanne Kee leading the project.

The intention of Sound Travellers is to bring these genres to a larger audience nationwide at the same time as securing assistance for existing artists across the country to further develop their practice.

Sound Travellers will:

• Support performance opportunities in a touring context
• Support and broaden existing touring networks
• Develop opportunities and new networks for the artforms
• Leverage the funding with other financial and in kind support
• Provide infrastructure support including marketing/publicity to enable skills growth within the sectors, which enables artistic and audience growth.

There will be two components to Sound Travellers. For artists there is a grant based program designed to assist Australian artists to tour nationally. Sound Travellers will also explore the options to both broaden and strengthen the national touring opportunities for these music genres.

An artistic advisory panel with specialists from each genre has been formed to make recommendations to the executive committee regarding the overall objectives of the project and the assessment of applications in the grant rounds. This panel includes – John Davis (Australian Music Centre), Professor Andy Arthurs (Queensland University of Technology), Adrian Jackson (Wangaratta Festival of Jazz), Ronny Ferella (musician and Half Bent), Roland Peelman (AD, Song Company) and other members to be confirmed.

If you wish to discuss a project that has the potential to provide infrastructure/new opportunities or will strengthen touring networks or you would like more information about this project please contact:

Joanne Kee on 0414 973 095 or or
Performing Lines on 02 9319 0066 or