Media release – New music 22 May 2008

Media release 21 May 2008

Classical music is dead! Long live classical music!

From June 2008, a collection of Australia’s most innovative classical musicians will be hitting the road to bring their diverse and exciting sounds to new audiences across the country, with the help of the Sound Travellers initiative.

The series of new music tours kicks off with collaborative performances by improvisation artists Alex Masso and Peter Farrar in early June, and will be followed in coming weeks by performances from Ensemble Offspring, Metalog, Colin Offord, and two special shows of Con Koukiatis’s Prayer Bells. Each performance will push the boundaries of contemporary classical music practice, and will give audiences the chance to experience something new and inspirational.

Funded by the Australia Council’s Music Board, Sound Travellers is a new project, created to allow some of the country’s most interesting music practitioners to promote and tour their art, in contemporary classical music, as well the diverse fields of as improvised jazz, and sound art/electronica.

“This is a fantastic initiative for both musicians and audiences. It is an opportunity to inspire, with the diversity and quality of music being produced all around Australia, to connect like-minded people who enjoy the richness of our uniquely Australian musical vocabulary and a chance for artists to exchange creative ideas.” Joanne Kee, Director – Sound Travellers

Sound Travellers was created to support individuals and small to medium sized organizations touring new music. The artists that will be touring through the second half of the year will visit every State and will be travelling the length and breadth of the country, plus many of the places in between. A total of 13 tours, over 60 artists and more than a few road trips and flights with over 50,000 kilometres to be travelled, Sound Travellers are helping these musical journeys come to a place near you

“Ironically it is often easier for Australian artists to tour their work overseas than interstate. The Sound Travellers scheme goes some way to addressing the huge need to nurture ensemble-to-ensemble and musician-to-musician connections around the country.” David Young, Aphids

Sound Travellers is supported by the Australia Council, the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body, Performing Lines and Ceres Solutions.


JUNE 2008
Masso and Farrar
When Masso and Farrar kick off the series of dates, audiences will be treated to an exploration of the possibilities of purely improvised music. With stylistic influences harking back to 1960s jazz, Masso and Farrar are heavily influenced by Australian musicians working with new approaches to sound, forms and musical interaction. Both musicians have been heavily involved with the Splinter Orchestra; formed the group Quarantine with Rod Cooper (Melb) and Rory Brown; performed with the unique musician Gerard Crewdson; and in April 2008 with creative music legend Wadada Leo Smith. They are closely involved with the NOW now.

Tuesday 3rd June, The Make It Up Club @ Bar Open, Melbourne
Wednesday 4th June, The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Thursday 5th June, The Exeter Hotel, Adelaide
Saturday 7th June, Club Zho, Perth
Sunday 8th June, Audiopollen Social Club, Brisbane
Thursday 12th June, Venue tbc, Canberra or

Ensemble Offspring – Waiting to Turn into Puzzles

Working with the Aphids Reel Music Festival, Ensemble Offspring have created Waiting to Turn into Puzzles – a cinematic experience with live music. Curham’s hand-processed, etched and looped super 8 films are simultaneously an intense visual experience as well as functioning as music notation for Ensemble Offspring.

David Young ascribes a vocabulary of musical gestures and techniques to the textures, colours and shapes f the projections through a process of composition that explores the continuum between improvisation and notated music. David’s music has been likened to the “aural equivalent of seeing a world in a grain of sand”.

Wednesday 25 June, Chauvel Cinema Paddington, Sydney
Thursday 26June, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Melbourne

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