Media release – General – Sound Travellers, 20 May 2008

Media release 20 May 2008

Musical points of departure, arrival and the space between

The first tours for Sound Travellers, a national touring project for sound art/electronica, improvised jazz and contemporary classical music are about to commence, headed for every State and Territory over the next six months.

We are launching a National media campaign in association with each individual tour having its own media/marketing campaign.

The Ghost Of 29 Megacycles/ Adam Trainer, Greg Taw
Alex Masso and Peter Farrar
Ensemble Offspring, Waiting to turn into Puzzles

Mace Francis Big Band Tour

Metalog – Jim Denley, Amanda Stewart, Ben Byrne, Natasha Anderson, Robbie Avenaim, Dale Gorfinkel
Liquid Architecture – Festival of Sound Arts

Tom Hall, Sight Beyond
Jon Tjhii and Alex Novak

September – November
Colin Offord, solo performance
Misinterprotato, Variations tour – jazz trio
Open Frame Tour, from Lawrence English Room 40
Ihos Music Theatre and Opera – Prayer Bells
Way Out West, Old Grooves for New Streets Tour.

Sound Travellers is supported by the Australia Council, the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body and aims to support individuals and small to medium sized organizations touring new music. The artists that will be touring through the second half of the year will visit every State and will be travelling the length and breadth of the country, plus many of the places in between. A total of 13 tours, over 60 artists and more than a few road trips and flights with over 50,000 kilometres to be travelled, Sound Travellers are helping these musical journeys come to a place near you

We are working with the following publicists, so you may receive more than one email about different tours. Please be patient, it’s all good information.

Clare McGregor – Jazz 0418 192 524 email
Amy Curl – sound art/electronic 0420 960310 email
Susie Cairns – new music 0418 635 684 email

More information is available on
All other queries please contact


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